About Ebtehal Wahdan

Real Estate Broker, CNE

Ebtehal Wahdan is a Real Estate Broker who takes Real Estate as a passion not just a job. Ebtehal believes that Real Estate is a life decision that impacts people’s lives and makes their dreams come true.

Ebtehal Wahdan strongly believes in the power of facts, numbers, and research while relying on her experience and most up-to-date market knowledge to protect the best interest of her clients.

Ebtehal knows exactly how both sellers and buyers feel. Selling or buying a property is a challenging process that involves lengthy documents, information, details, comparisons, legal aspects and emotions, this is a process that could make most sellers and buyers feel overwhelmed- that’s why Ebtehal developed a unique approach to make her clients able to navigate this process comfortably and confidently to make the most informed decision whenever they should reach one.  

Ebtehal is a people’s person while one of her many strong hold points is negotiation. Ebtehal knows that negotiation is a skill backed up by knowledge and experience. Ebtehal is a Certified Negotiation Expert who knows what it takes to reach the best outcome each time she closes a deal representing a buyer or a seller.  

“When I deal with a seller or a buyer client, I’m looking for a long-term business relationship that’s why I will never save any effort to give my clients top- notch service in order to achieve their satisfaction, and I don’t close a deal actually I open a long-term business relationship”, Ebtehal says.